Superior Cabinets

Pennwest Homes understands that your kitchen is an important place for you and your family. A cornerstone of a good kitchen is the cabinetry. It should look good, perform over time, and adjust to your changing needs. Quality cabinets are a trademark of Pennwest. EVERMORE Custom Cabinets, our factory-crafted KCMA-certified cabinets are strong, good-looking, and built to last.

All of our cabinets are built to the rigorous Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. This KCMA label is the same as you'll find in many of the best store-purchased or custom-built cabinets. If your kitchen is important to you, then why would you want an inferior cabinet?

Simply put, our cabinets are heavier, stronger, and squarer. We even build them with dovetail construction. Our cabinets need to pass many tests, including:

  • Overhead cabinets rated to 500 pounds capacity;
  • Drawers opened 25,000 times - with weight;
  • Cabinet doors opened 25,000 times;
  • Harsh testing of cabinet finishes.

Our cabinets are regulary (and randomly) tested by authorized third-parties.


Factory The fronts of our certified cabinets are precision-cut and use pocket-screws on a specialized table for a tight, consistent fit.
Factory Close-up of the pocket-screw system to hold the front together.
Factory The entire cabinet is constructed using hot cabinet glue with pre-grooved panels and fronts. The entire box is then held square with clamps. We do not use 'cleats' to build cabinetstypically found in very low-end cabinets.
Factory Extra strength is added at base cabinet corners.
Factory Extra strength is also added behind the overhead cabinets.
Factory Pennwest cabinets are built as components. This means longer countertops will sit on multiple individual cabinets, rather than one long cabinet. This extra strength means longer-lasting countertops.
Factory All of our kitchen and bath drawers are built true dove-tail construction.
Factory Many of our homes include 75-pound ball-bearing drawer guides as standard, and is optional on all others. Others may also offer ball-bearing guides, but often use lower-end 40-pound or lighter guides.
Factory Our kitchen drawers are full-length - 20" typically. This is longer than most, and allows you more flexbility in organizing your drawers.
Factory Pennwest uses 3/4" adjustable shelves with finished edges in our overhead cabinets. This is a heavier-duty shelf, the can be adjusted to fit your plates, glasses, and anything else.
Factory Pennwest uses 3/4" adjustable half-shelf in the kitchen base cabinets. This allows you to accommodate cereal boxes, pitchers. or anything else you would store below.
Factory We use hidden hinges on cabinets.
Factory Our base cabinets include a recessed toe-kick for ease of working.

Our cabinets are heavy. They are built to last. A typical wood overhead cabinet - before doors are even attached - weighs over 30 pounds.

Even our kitchen island countertops even use a double substrate for greater strength. We know families and friends often gather at the kitchen island.

Through on-going tests performed by an experienced, independent laboratory, the KCMA certification program assures you that any cabinet bearing the blue and white KCMA seal complies with the rigorous standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and KCMA. For more details on KCMA certification, visit:

 Check out our Evermore Custom Cabinet Brochure for more details!


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