Built Better Inside

Pennwest's state-of-the-art production facility allows us to build a better home.

Factory Climate controlled, well lit, and clean. Your Pennwest home will be built in the best facility in the northeast.
Factory Materials are always nearby, and stored protected from the elements.
Factory We continue to invest in our production abilities to make our homes even better, adding new capabilities and storage regularly.
Factory Dedicated, engineered tables and jigs allow our floors walls, and ceilings to be built precisely, and with sophisticated tools.
Factory These special tables and jigs allow us to use very flat, very square walls.
Factory We use top-of-the line tools, which are always available. Weather does not affect them.
Factory Throughout the construction process, Pennwest regularly 'overbuilds' your home to make it as strong as possible. Here, wood bridges separate your floor joist to make sure they remain as straight and level as possible.
Factory Small details make a big difference in how we build your home. We 'corner stack' our floor joists. This takes more time, but stronger.
Factory To minimize squeaky floors and to build a better home are 2 reasons why Pennwest uses both a glue and special nails to secure the decking to the floor joists.
Factory We even sand the floor decking down to give a smoother surface for your floor coverings.
Factory Pennwest pays particular attention to our drywall and smooth ceilings. Having a bright facility to work in allows us to catch issues early.


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